Cancellation of our Solent Swim

Monday 2nd October 2017
Our annual Solent Swim sponsored event was cancelled because of bad weather.

We are truly sorry that our annual Solent Swim had to be cancelled on 1st October. As those taking part know, we were caught  up in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes that ravaged the Caribbean, and the weather just wasn't good enough for the swim to go ahead safely. Safety is of course our priority.

The decision, as always, is entirely in the hands of our experienced Lifeboat captain, Tony Moore, who has supervised over a dozen Swims on this stretch of water, and we trust his judgement completely.

Sadly, because of the tides, we are unable to schedule a repeat attempt in 2017. All swimmers will of course be offered a place in next year’s swim and their sponsorship could carry over. If sponsors would like to reclaim money, we have made arrangements for them to do so. (Obviously we would prefer that that wouldn’t be the case, not least because the swimmers have been training hard and have probably earned it already!).

For those who were on the island and keen to get wet near the Solent, we hired the pool at West Wight Sports centre from 8 to 9 on the Sunday morning.

There was a small compensation in the form of an excellent dinner at the Wheatsheaf in Yarmouth on the Saturday, which was very well attended and at which there was a really super atmosphere of enthusiasm and optimism. Hopefully we'll be able to re-make new acquaintances next year.

The Samaritans Swim Committee are grateful for your understanding of the difficulty of the situation and its unpredictability. Thank you for your support. And here's to next year!