Specialist Support Role

The primary volunteering opportunity is to be a “Listener”, answering the phones and meeting people face-to-face. Some people don’t want to do that, but are able to offer a specialist skill to help keep the branch running. This usually involves a small amount of voluntary work on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises. 
Photo of Support Volunteer
Most Listening Volunteers are already proficient in basic administration so it is the more advanced or specialist skills that are needed in a support role. 
Ian (photo) is a University Graduate in Computer Science.
I give a few hours here and there as needed to help maintain the computer infrastructure. The alternative may be to pay a professional so my time keeps the costs down”.
Examples of Support Roles (more than one volunteer can be appointed to each role):
  • IT – installing software, trouble shooting faults
  • Accountancy
  • Advanced Excel and Power Point, Microsoft Publisher (or equivalent)
  • Carpentry or Electrician
  • Publicity (eg videography, editing software and knowledge of media law)
  • Graphic designers
  • Fundraisers (especially with experience of applying for competitive project based grants)
  • Experience in Secretarial type Administration 
As a support volunteer you are still required to attend an "Information Evening" to learn about Samaritans in general and the operations of Havering Branch. You will also need to attend Module 1 of the Training which covers Confidentially.
Selection will be at the discretion of the branch Director.