Selection Day

The gateway to becomming a Samaritan Listening Volunteer

Every single one of us is different. We all react differently to situations or to what people tell us. Not everyone would feel comfortable listening to what our callers tell us. The selection day is designed to give you an idea of the situations you may be faced with and a brief understanding of why people may contact us.

Through group activities and individual interviews we find out a bit more about you, and you find out more about what we do. Some people decide at this point that the work is not for them but the vast majority of those attending go on to become Listening Volunteers.

Following the Selection Day, if you wish to continue and we think you could be a sucessful Listening Volunteer, you will be invited to attend the Initial Training sessions. It is important that you are able to attend all of the training sessions - if you cannot make all of the dates, we will ask you to defer your training to the next set of dates.