Non Listening Volunteer Roles

Samaritans are available 24 hours a day. Callers may phone, write, email or visit our centres. Our local branches are run, managed, staffed and funded by volunteers, so there is a variety of roles that can be undertaken within the organisation. We are all different, and we all have different skills to offer, different amounts of time to give and varied experiences to share. By supporting Samaritans you’ll be giving something back to your local community, you’ll have the chance to meet new people, access training and support, gain new skills and put your current skills into action.
So, we are looking for people who:
  • believe in the vision and aims of Samaritans
  • share our agreed principles
  • can work with other people
  • are flexible to new ideas
  • are trustworthy and can keep a confidence

Where will I fit in to the overall picture?

Samaritans hold the vision that fewer people will take their own lives, and all of our local branches work towards this aim. To fulfil this commitment, each branch must raise the funds it needs to cover operating expenses, organise activities to reach potential callers, and keep adequate records – these are all roles that support volunteers undertake.

Support volunteers are involved at their local branch in many different ways:
  • co-ordinate fundraising events
  • generate local publicity
  • offer administrative support
  • help recruit other volunteers
  • liaise with local companies
  • write fundraising applications
  • assist with book keeping or accounts
  • help with record keeping or statistics
  • provide legal advice
  • help with the general maintenance of the branch

What qualifications are required?

We need ordinary, friendly people who are prepared to share skills and are committed to supporting our aims. We provide the training you need to fulfil your role and welcome the enthusiasm you will bring to the branch.

How will I be selected?

You will be invited to a selection day/evening (an informal and friendly gathering that will give you information about volunteering opportunities at your branch). Your skills and interests will be matched with the needs of the branch. At some stage there will be an interview by a Samaritan who will discuss with you your involvement in the organisation and the commitment that is needed. You will also have a chance to ask any remaining questions.

Do you accept everyone who applies to be a volunteer?

Samaritans have a strong commitment to providing a high quality service to the people who contact us. Due to the emotional nature of the work, we also have a responsibility to our volunteers to ensure that they are placed in a suitable role. As such, our selection process has been developed, after many years of experience, to ensure that we match the right people to the right jobs, so not everyone who applies for a particular role will be accepted.