Prison Listening Schemes in Dublin

Samaritans Dublin has been providing listening schemes to prisons since 2002. Prisoners are trained to become Samaritans and offer emotional support to fellow inmates around the clock. Currently there are 40 trained Listeners in Dublin Prisons.

How the Listening Scheme works

Prisoners who are suitable for the scheme are recommended to us by the prison service. We meet with these prisoners, offer training and provide ongoing support throughout their time as a Listener.

The same training is given to prisoners as new Samaritans are given in the Samaritans centre, but the focus is on face to face rather than telephone support.

Listeners provide a 24 hour confidential listening service to others in line with Samaritans’ values. Samaritans Dublin provide support to Listeners on a weekly basis.  They have access to a prison support phone which has a direct line to us around the clock.