Saving lives on the railways

In January 2010, Samaritans and Network Rail formed a partnership to reduce the number of railway suicides and to improve support available to those affected by them.

The suicide prevention and support programme, born out of this partnership, covers England, Scotland and Wales and includes representation from across the rail industry. 

The partnership involves the roll-out programme of suicide prevention and post-incident support activities, with the support of Network Rail, Train Operators and the British Transport Police, all of which have been making a positive impact.

Activities include:

Successes so far

Samaritans branches have been working closely with priority rail locations across the UK, which have been selected due to the number of incidents that have occurred at them, along with the potential disruption that an incident may cause at that particular location.

There have been a notable number of partnership successes to date:

  • Over 50 reported suicide interventions carried out at railway locations by rail staff trained on the Managing Suicidal Contacts course
  • An average training course satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Related information

If you might be interested in partnering with Samaritans in a similar scheme, contact the Network Rail team on 020 8394 8300 or email

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