What if I’m worried about a friend on Facebook?

As a friend, you may be one of the first to notice if someone you know is struggling to cope.

There are a few things you can do if you're worried about a friend on Facebook.

If you’re worried about the status updates or wall posts of a friend on Facebook, you can notify Facebook by contacting them through their Help Centre.

Facebook will quickly review your friend's facebook posts and decide whether they are at risk.

If your friend is based in the UK or Ireland and it appears that they could benefit from talking to Samaritans, Facebook will get in touch with your friend.

If this happens, your name will be kept confidential.

We're pleased to welcome the expertise of a great partner in Samaritans. They will help to make our system even more effective, as friends are encouraged to look out for one another on Facebook as they do in the real world.
Facebook’s Director of Policy for Europe, Richard Allan