I want to kill myself

I felt cloudy, confused, detached, was crying and miserable...I decided I had to contact Samaritans.

I’m being listened to, taken seriously, emotionally supported, 24/7.

I guess I feel someone’s on my side.

Thoughts of killing yourself can be complex, scary and confusing. We’re experienced in listening to people with suicidal thoughts, feelings and plans.

We’re not afraid of going into difficult areas with you, and we’ll take you seriously whether you’re having a few thoughts or have made clear plans to end your life.

I want to die

How will talking help me?

  • When you’re desperate or on edge, we can help you get through that moment.
  • We’ll help you make sense of what you’re feeling, or help you identify how to find other forms of help if you think you want it.


If they don't help you, it's just a phone call. You don't have to tell anyone that you've called them and it's all anonymous. It's worth a try.

Even if you aren't on the point of killing yourself, you can still be going through immense pain and distress- almost unbearable - and Samaritans are fantastic at easing your pain.

Am I suicidal?

You might be very sure that you want to die; but you might also have thoughts that are scary and that you’re afraid you’ll act on.

Maybe you don’t want to die but desperately want a solution to your nightmare and can’t see any other way out.

Maybe you’ve tried everything and nothing helps; you might not care if you live or die, and maybe you’re taking more risks or living recklessly.

You might not actively want to kill yourself, but would welcome death if it happened. Perhaps you feel death as a release or taking control.

You might not know why you feel suicidal, and feel completely powerless to know what to do about it. 

We can talk with you through all of this.

Will you stop me killing myself?

We hope that, through talking to us, you’ll get to a place where you see your situation in a different light.

But we respect your freedom to make your own decisions, including the decision to take your own life. We’ll continue to talk with you if you’ve taken action to end your life.

Will you tell anybody I’m suicidal?

We won’t ever tell anyone about our conversation, or even that you called, unless you ask us to. We’ll never call emergency services, except for in these few circumstances:

  • You ask us to, and you’re unable to call for yourself
  • You’ve already told us your address, location or phone number, and then become incoherent or unconscious during the call
  • You’re in one of our branches, and you’ve harmed yourself in a way that puts you in danger at that time.

What if I want you to call an ambulance?

If you tell us that you want an ambulance, we’ll encourage you to call for one yourself as this is the quickest way for you to get help.

But if you’d still like us to do this for you, we can.

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