Personal experiences of contacting Samaritans

"They were there, when I had pushed everyone else away"

Why do people call Samaritans?

A few of the people that call Samaritans tell us their stories, and how we helped.


Charlie was anxious, lonely and depressed

Charlie called Samaritans when he was struggling with pressure both at work and in his personal life, and was anxious, lonely and depressed.

Linda NolanLinda wanted to be anonymous

Linda Nolan phoned Samaritans because she could be anonymous during the call.

Dawn felt like she didn't have a purpose

Dawn slept soundly for the first time after she summoned the courage to call us.

Maria battled with depression

In 2013 everything became too much for Maria and she attempted to take her own life.

Since then, Maria has sought support from Samaritans and is now helping to raise awareness of its service for people struggling to cope.

Kevin felt completely alone

Kevin had decided to take his own life.

But at the last minute, he rang Samaritans.

Des felt trapped

Things piled up for Des - he was in debt, going through a divorce and working really long hours. He felt like a failure and needed someone to talk to.

David found it hard to cope

After a nervous breakdown, losing his job and then his girlfriend, David was really struggling when someone gave him the Samaritans telephone number.

Helen was feeling really low

Helen called Samaritans when she was having relationship trouble and didn't feel there was anyone else she could talk to. She used our text service as she has hearing difficulties and anxiety, and so finds it hard to speak on the phone.

Penny used us to get through a bad situation

When Penny's relationship was breaking down, she had to stay put because of the mortgage. She called Samaritans, which helped her find a way to get through it.

Matt didn't know what to do with his life

Matt started taking ecstasy as an escape from a life he didn’t know what to do with. After speaking to Samaritans, he worked out what he had to do to get out of the rut he was in, and got some help.

Joyce lost her parents to cancer

Joyce nearly lost her life, but at her lowest ebb, she found refuge in Samaritans and now, far from unhappy, her marriage to Brian, 68, remains strong.

B​ecky: if it all gets too much, I talk to Samaritans

When she was a teenager Becky's dad killed himself. In the years that followed she got into a bad relationship which caused her to self-harm, and in a subsequent relationship suffered a miscarriage. Now when she needs to talk, Becky knows she can call Samaritans.

Duncan had nowhere else to turn

Duncan tried to end his life in his late-20s because he felt he had nowhere to turn.

Anthony called Samaritans when his wife left him

Anthony called Samaritans when his wife left him. He never saw it coming, and found himself a single dad to his 3 young children.


Your story

Have you contacted Samaritans before?

If so, we’d be very grateful if you would share your story

We want to show more people that talking to us can help. But because conversations with Samaritans are private, we can't prove its value without your help.

If you've talked to Samaritans, there are lots of ways your story can help, and you can be as anonymous as you like.