Personal experiences of contacting Samaritans

Personal experiences of contacting Samaritans

We receive around 5 million calls for help per year and every 52 seconds we hear from someone who is feeling suicidal.

Our volunteers are on hand to offer emotional support any time of the day or night to anyone who needs our help and they will never judge.

Find out why people call Samaritans and how our service changes lives.

Samaritans helped save my life

For Linda, the anonymity of Samaritans was really important. She could be Mrs Hudson, not Linda Nolan the celebrity.

Linda Nolan

I got a second chance at life

Kevin had written goodbye letters to his family and was on the brink of taking his own life. Until he made a call to Samaritans.


Why do people call Samaritans?

A few of the people that call Samaritans tell us their stories, and how we helped.

Maria's story

In 2013 everything became too much for Maria and she attempted to take her own life.

Since then, Maria has sought support from Samaritans and is now helping to raise awareness of its service for people struggling to cope.

David's story

After a nervous breakdown, losing his job and then his girlfriend, David was really struggling when someone gave him the Samaritans telephone number.


Helen's story

Helen called Samaritans when she was having relationship trouble and didn't feel there was anyone else she could talk to. She used our text service as she has hearing difficulties and anxiety, and so finds it hard to speak on the phone.

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Your story

Have you contacted Samaritans before? We’d be very grateful if you would share your story

We want to show more people that talking to us can help. But because conversations with Samaritans are private, we can't prove its value without your help.

If you've talked to Samaritans, there are lots of ways your story can demonstrate the benefits of our service, and you can be as anonymous as you like.