Call charges

Why do I have to pay for the call?

Our 0845 telephone number means we have one, main, telephone number for everyone, no matter where you're calling us from. It also means we can make sure that callers are diverted to an available volunteer in one of our 201 branches as quickly as possible.

Is Samaritans' number premium rate?

No. 0845 numbers are not premium rate. Samaritans doesn't receive any money from telecom providers for the calls we receive. In fact, we pay for calls to be re-routed to available volunteers around the country so that we're always here for people who need us.

Why don't Samaritans pay for calls?

It's our ambition to provide free calls to everyone in need of our service and we actively work with the telecom industry to look at ways of reducing call charges. However, as we rely on donations from the public, we are unable to pay for the millions of calls we get each year.

How much does it cost to call?

Our services are open and free to everyone. However the cost of a call to Samaritans is, unfortunately, not free. Calls to 0845 numbers generally cost between 1p and 10.5p a minute from landlines. It costs around 12p to 41p from mobile phones, which is the same price of the cost of a call to an 0800 number from a mobile. Many of our branches have local numbers which you can call.

Checking the cost

The cost of calling the UK national number 08457 909090 depends on your phone provider and your contract with them. To be sure how much it costs to call us, contact your provider.

Alternative ways to contact Samaritans

Local branch telephone numbers

Many of our branches across the UK and ROI have local telephone numbers to call directly. This costs you the same as dialling a local number and if there’s no-one available to answer your call, you’ll be passed to a volunteer available at another branch. There will be no additional charge for this. 

Email service

We offer a confidential email service that’s open to everyone. Email us any time:

Speaking to a Samaritan in person

We have 201 branches in the UK and ROI, most of which give the option of talking to a volunteer in person. Find your local branch to see if they offer this service.

Support by post

We have a Samaritans branch dedicated to offering a confidential freepost support service.

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