Why do I have to pay for the call?

We’d prefer if you could use all our services for free, but we’re a charity that depends on donations from the public. We just can’t afford to pay for the millions of calls for help we get each year.

How much it costs to phone us depends on which landline or mobile service provider you use, and whether you dial our national number or a local branch number.


Calls from BT residential lines will be charged as follows:

Mon-Fri 7am-7pm:

  • 4.032p per minute including VAT
  • Connection charge 12.5p

Mon-Fri 7pm-7am and all day Saturday and Sunday:

  • 1.021p per minute
  • No connection charge


  • Mobile and other providers' charges vary.

Please note that the telecom providers do not pay Samaritans any part of the cost of your call in the UK. Prices correct June 2011.

Checking the cost

To be sure how much it costs to call our national or local numbers, you could contact your phone provider and ask what the cost of calling different types of number will be, as costs for each provider will be different.

The cost of calling the UK national number 08457 909090 depends on your phone provider and your contract with them.

Our many branches across the UK and Ireland sometimes have local numbers to call directly. This costs you the same as dialling any other local number. If there’s no-one available to answer your call, you’ll be passed to a volunteer available at another branch, but you’ll pay the cost of a local call no matter which branch answers your call.

The Supporter Care line

The Supporter Care line 08709 00 00 32 costs between 2p and 10p on some fixed networks, plus sometimes a call set-up fee.

Some mobile networks calls typically cost you between 12p and 41p per minute.

Recently, some networks have included calls to 0870 numbers in call packages, making them free at certain times of the day.

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