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08457 909090

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Samaritans Ewell The Upper Mill Kingston Road Ewell Surrey KT17 2AF

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Welcome to Festival Branch

Festival Samaritans attend a range of festivals throughout the UK, such as T-in-the-Park, Glastonbury, Bloodstock and Leeds to name a few. You can speak to us day or night, just come and find us by the Samaritans tent.

In the warm sun on a beautiful summer evening to deep in mud on a cold rainy night, we're there to offer emotional support to those who need us regardless of time or climate. No telephone needed!

We usually attend around 18 festivals a year. To find out where we are this year, take a look at our events page.

Why Samaritans at a festival?

At any event where there are thousands of people having a great time, there are inevitably some who are not. Sometimes people can arrive hoping to forget about their problems, but the sight of so many happy people can make them feel even worse. Others can arrive feeling relatively OK, but something happens during the event which leaves them feeling low.

This is where we fit in: by providing a 24 hour, non-judgemental, face to face listening service throughout the event. People can discuss anything that’s getting them down, no matter how serious or how trivial and the conversation is completely confidential. Whether people feel suicidal or not they are given the opportunity to talk through whatever is on their mind with a non-judgemental volunteer who is trained to listen.

If you're at an event and feel you need to talk something through, in complete confidence, please come by and see us.

Volunteer with Festival Branch!

We are always on the look out for new volunteers to join us! We recruit in January each year and contact everyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering with us over the previous year. Fill out our volunteering form to register your interest or read more information on volunteering at our branch.

Fundraising for Samaritans Festival Branch

Take a look here for more information on the ways in which we fundraise and how you can get involved.