Bilingual Media Guidelines

Samaritans’ first bilingual Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide has been developed following the charity’s widest ever consultation with journalists, suicide academia and relevant stakeholder groups.

Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide - English version (pdf)

Canllawiau i'r Cyfryngau ar adrodd am hunanladdiad (pdf)

Welsh media guidelines cover


It’s important that these guidelines are accessible to all media across Wales and I’m delighted that we have this bilingual version.

Sarah Stone
Samaritans Executive Director for Wales

On average, over 300 people take their own lives by suicide each year across Wales.

Research shows that inappropriate reporting of suicide may lead to imitational behaviour.

They provide practical recommendations for reporting suicide across all media.

Supplementary factsheets

We have also produced a series of supplementary factsheets:

English version:

Welsh version: