Patricia's volunteering story


An ex-nurse, I started as a Samaritans volunteer in 2012. With my new found free time I wanted to give something back and Samaritans was an easy choice as I had always admired them for being there for the caller. Because of other commitments, for now, I can only commit to being a listener and a mentor. Both rolls are very important to me, and my weekly duty is part of my life.  

I’ve taken more from Samaritans than words can ever say. I'm continuously overawed by the honesty, openness and courage of the callers. I've learned so much from them, and feel humbled to be trusted by them. I found the training excellent and by adhering to the guidelines it becomes easier to take calls and not to give advice but to LISTEN. I've become an active listener, which is so important in life. I've also learned patience and living in the present. The importance and power of listening can never be underestimated. 

I took up golf 20 years ago and while not always playing well, I find it a great way to relax and meet some friends and make new ones. Along with hoping for that perfect round, it is also a game of patience and humility.

In my opinion, being listened to, respected, and given the space to talk regardless of beliefs, is what Samaritans is all about.

Patricia. 5 years a volunteer. Golfer. Listener.

I'm always impressed by the honesty, openness and courage of the callers.”