Mary's volunteering story

Mary Deery, Samaritans volunteer

My name is Mary Deery and I am a full-time informal carer. I have been involved with Samaritans for the past 12 years. I came to Samaritans at a crossroads in my life, when my children were growing older and needed me less and less. I had put my life and career on hold and found myself feeling that I had more to offer the world but didn't know how.


A friend of mine was a Samaritans volunteer and recommended it. My confidence was at an all-time low but the minute I walked into my local Samaritans branch I immediately got that feeling that I belonged.


During my time with Samaritans I have learned so much. I’ve grown and developed as a person and the sense of satisfaction I get from knowing I was able to help and support someone is the best feeling. I feel lucky because as a Samaritans volunteer I am able to take part in lots of training and learning opportunities which aren’t available anywhere else. 


Thanks to all the training and support, my confidence and skills have grown and I have taken on several interesting and challenging roles in my branch’s leadership team over the years.


For me, Samaritans is a family and we offer each other help and support whenever we need it - whether we are dealing with something personal in our lives or with a challenging call. My experience of volunteering with Samaritans has been life-changing. It takes commitment and dedication, but you’ll be paid back a hundredfold.


Mary. 12 years a volunteer. Carer. Listener.

“It takes commitment and dedication, but you’ll be paid back a hundredfold.”