John's volunteering story


I started volunteering with Samaritans in 1983. How I came to apply to volunteer with Samaritans was rather unusual. I didn't set out to be a Samaritan. A friend of mine whom I knew through a sporting club made enquiries but decided it wasn’t for him. He gave me the application form and the rest is history.

During my time as a Samaritan volunteer I have worked across a whole range of roles -  training/deputy director/director/caller support - but the most important aspect of Samaritan volunteering is being there for callers.

I’ve got far more from it than I’ve ever given. It has been enriching in so many aspects of life. Listening, which seemingly is nothing, means so much to so many. It’s enriching to find so many people from all walks of life working within the movement.

Because of an interest in nature and the environment I started beekeeping in 1976. It's a fascinating hobby and there's some honey at the end of the season. It's always a welcome gift.

Overall, my Samaritans experience can be summed up like this: Getting more than I give and working with great people.

John. 34 years a volunteer. Beekeeper. Listener.

“I’ve got far more from it than I’ve ever given”