Emmet's volunteering story


I, like most people in Ireland, knew someone affected by suicide and it was my desire to do something, anything, about this that led me to volunteer with Samaritans. I had thought of volunteering many times but I back out because I said to myself why would anyone want someone who doesn't have a Leaving Cert, can't drive and has no qualification!

When I did volunteer, I found that I was exactly what they wanted, someone who was prepared to listen without judgement and prepared to give a person in distress empathy and time to say what they need to.

Samaritans don't judge people, be they callers or volunteers, they help you to fulfil your potential. I have thrown myself into Samaritans trying to give back some of what I feel I got from them. I am now the publicity officer for Cork, something a couple of years ago I would have laughed at! That's what Samaritans can do for you: look beyond who you are and see who you can be!

Emmet. 3 years a volunteer. Fisherman. Listener.

“Samaritans look beyond who you are and see who you can be!”