Brigid's volunteering story


I joined Samaritans in the 20th century, in fact over 21 years ago. I working from home at the time and felt I'd like to “give something back”. Since joining I have been involved in training new volunteers. I was director of the Branch when we bought our new premises for Samaritans. It was a proud day for all of us volunteers when President McAleese cut the ribbon in 2009.

Funnily, in 1996 I went on my first long 30 mile Samaritan walk in the UK. That lead me to join a hiking club and to many parts of Europe and British Isles and of course, my own beautiful Ireland. 

Motivated by my years of hiking and volunteering I considered setting up a walking club in my parish. It is now almost 3 years going. With the wind and conversations and friendliness of time out, I am always impressed with the wonderful scenery all around. From Samaritans I have learned the best of empathy and the need for silence and gratitude.

Brigid. 21 years a volunteer. Hiker. Listener.

“I have learned the need for silence and gratitude”