Three Steps to Change Lives

More than 450 people die by suicide in the Republic of Ireland each year and some groups are more at risk of suicide than others. Over 80% of those who die by suicide are men and men aged between 45 and 64 have the highest rate of suicide. The risk of dying by suicide is 5 times greater in the lowest socioeconomic group, compared to the highest.


Samaritans is committed to reducing the number of lives that are lost each year to suicide. We can’t do this alone and are calling on all political parties to make suicide reduction a priority if elected.

Together, we can make a difference to the rate of suicide and find ways to respond to people who are struggling to cope.

Our manifesto

We believe action needs to be targeted in three areas:

1. Make suicide reduction a political priority

2. Address gaps in mental health service delivery

3. Tackle alcohol misuse as a leading factor in suicidal behaviour

You can read our manifesto here

Why we need to take action

The causes of suicide are complex but we do know that there are factors which increase the risk for certain groups and individuals. These include deprivation, having a mental health problem, alcohol misuse and being bereaved by suicide.

Data from 2013 and 2014 suggests that suicide rates may be starting to decline. A sustained commitment to suicide reduction is needed to ensure that this continues.

We need an approach which promotes mental health and wellbeing, timely support, and which reduces inequality.

How you can help

Let your election candidates know that suicide reduction is important to you and that you want them to commit to our three steps to save lives.

Bring up the issue on the doorstop and ask them what they are going to do about suicide in Ireland if elected.

Show that you support our three steps to save lives by asking your election candidates to pledge to take action on suicide