Darren, 43, has been a Listener for nine years.

“I asked another prisoner about the Listener scheme and went for an interview. I was a youth leader on the outside so I was used to listening to people.

 “If people come in and they are particularly stressed, over time you get used to that. It can hold someone back from talking to you if they think people might find out about it, they fear being seen as weak. “If someone is very stressed, it is easy to talk but not so easy to listen properly.

“Several times at 2am I spoke to someone who was very anxious for hours He came over to the wing a couple of times a week to get something off his chest and if you get the problem solved and do something to help it is satisfying.

“The power of listening shouldn’t be underestimated. Not to comment or to give your opinion. You just let people come to their own decision.

“I used to be opinionated – I felt the need to tell people what I thought.

“Now I just get satisfaction when I know I am helping people.”