Danny, 25, has been a Listener for 6 years.

“I heard about the Listener scheme through my co-defendant. People handle prison in different ways and I was interested in the scheme because it helps people.

“You have to show good behaviour if you want to be a Listener, they are trusting you and you are being let out of your cell late at night to go and see people.

“During the training I could not get my head around the idea that you were not supposed to give advice, that was hard.

“Once I understood that, and the idea of using open questions such as how did that make you feel? I soon felt I would be able to explore someone’s feelings with them.

“When I first started I was nervous. You start off with someone experienced who takes the lead and then gradually gain confidence. They support you if you get stuck.

“Sometimes people do not know how to speak to people. They feel vulnerable, they are not articulate and you need to help them. It makes you feel better when you have put yourself out for people and see the results – they begin to open up.

“It has helped me with my family, in terms of listening and being open minded. In my personal life it has helped me to be more understanding and show more empathy. I can see the wider picture with my family and friends when they are in a difficult situation, as well as my day to day dealings within the prison.”