Volunteer story - Rebecca

Rebecca, 24, is studying Occupational Therapy at York University. She's a keen fan of the outdoors with a particular passion for mountain biking. She also loves socialising and meeting up with friends.

Some of Rebecca's family and friends have suffered from depression in the past and someone she knew died by suicide. She wanted to do something about stopping someone else from getting to that stage in their unhappiness and thought of Samaritans.

"When I listen to a caller's problems and fears it makes me think of my own life from a different perspective. It helps me forget about my own little problems and helps me to see what's good in my life.

"Before I joined Samaritans I was a bit worried about what it would be like answering the phone, but the training was really thorough and although I was still a bit nervous on my first shift, my group were very supportive and I feel more confident now."

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