Volunteer story - Michelle

Michelle, 31, from Glasgow branch, gives us an insight into her job as a professional opera singer, and how she juggles this with volunteering.

"I’ve been singing professionally for 10 years. My job has taken me to some far-flung places – from Japan and Canada, to somebody’s living room, and even a remote sheep shed in rural Australia!
"I’ve been volunteering for just over a year and what with being so busy, it’s a challenge to fit shifts in, but I seem to always manage! I try to keep my professional and Samaritans life separate – I like my privacy. I rarely tell other volunteers what I do unless they ask; likewise at work. The two do, however, meet occasionally. 

I once had a caller who said that performing as a pianist was the only thing that made life worth living.

"I’ve lost several people close to me to suicide, so becoming a volunteer has benefited me. Amongst other things, it has helped me relate to my singing pupils better and has also tamed my feisty nature a bit! I can’t bear the idea of people feeling totally alone and, no matter what sort of week I’ve had, it’s a lovely feeling to give time to people who need us – it’s why we all joined, after all."