Volunteer story - Julia and Joanne

Julia and Joanne are identical twins. They live next door to each other, socialise together and both volunteer at Blackburn Samaritans. Joanne shares their story.

"We got involved with Samaritans when I saw an advert for an information evening at Blackburn branch. I was on holiday when the information evening took place so I got Julia to attend on my behalf. Julia was really impressed when she found out more about Samaritans' work in the local community, so she applied to become a volunteer too.

"The training was really interesting, and it was great to be able to talk through each session on the way home in the car. While we do most things in life together, we don’t at Samaritans. It is important to do as wide a range of shifts as possible, with lots of different volunteers, to get the ‘full’ Samaritans experience.

"We know that we’re very lucky to be able to turn to each other no matter what and find support. Not all people have this, of course, so it is vital that Samaritans is there. We are there when no-one else is, providing a listening ear to those that really need us. We’re very proud to be part of Blackburn Samaritans."