Volunteer story - Jack

Joined 2000, Branch Secretary 2003 – 2007, appointed Vice-Chairman April 2007.

Jack – Samaritans volunteer

"Shortly after moving to Glasgow in 1971, I shared a flat with someone who was a Samaritan. I learned a little about it, and it struck me as something really worthwhile. At the time I was embarking on a business career and didn't have any spare time. However I filed it away in the back of my mind as sometime to revisit. 

"Almost 30 years later I was talking to a colleague who was a Samaritans Volunteer. It reawakened my interest, and with more time available, I applied in 2000.

"I became a fully fledge volunteer in 2001 and since then have been involved in most aspects of the work of Glasgow Branch – including statistics, administration, Caller Care, schools talks, publicity, computer installation, rotas, annual training Conference, liaison with the ‘Friends of Glasgow Samaritans’, building maintenance (I have a particular affinity for drains!), notice board tidier, and Leader duties.

"As ever, it is only when you really get involved with an organisation that you start to appreciate the amount of effort that goes on ‘behind the scenes’. The work has been fascinating and rewarding, with a great sense of achievement, particularly when Callers phone with their thanks for helping them through a particularly difficult period in their lives.

"Outside Samaritans, I am heavily involved in theatrical productions in the Glasgow area. ‘Taggart’ enthusiasts may have unknowingly spotted me during seven years as a copper! 

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