Volunteer story - Elizabeth

Samaritans is a well-known and familiar name, but few people know what's actually involved in being a Samaritans volunteer.

For Elizabeth, growing up on the same street as Darlington Samaritans, meant that she was as familiar with seeing Samaritans as she was with seeing her own back garden, but she was always intrigued to know more.

After graduating from Durham University and having some time out to travel, she became a volunteer. She finds it really rewarding being able to support someone through a difficult situation, but was pleasantly surprised to find a host of other benefits too.

"I have met some amazing people at Samaritans. They're not people I'd normally meet and they're from really different backgrounds but I've made some firm friends."

When she's not working at Darlington College of Technology, Elizabeth spends most of her spare time going to live music events, working out at the gym, and travelling.