Why we need your money now

Having the power to change somebody’s life in that moment when the office is closed, the party’s over and everyone’s on holiday is a gift we shouldn’t take for granted.

People need us now. We’re constantly making what we do more relevant to them, and we’re creating several new projects and partnerships to do this which will be impossible without your funding.

Your money, right now, is helping us:

  • Roll out Freecall, our free-to-caller number, nationally
  • Implement Connect, our new bespoke caller distribution service so we can take more calls
  • Launch our second Network Rail advertising campaign, targeting working class men in their 30s, 40s and 50s – a statistically hard-to-reach group
  • Create a national pool of advisors to schools to support pupils and staff after a suicide
  • Roll out and review a new policy for helping children who call us
  • Revise training to make it easier for young offenders and prisoners with low literary levels to offer peer support to other inmates
  • Update our media guidelines in the UK and Ireland and brief more media outlets on them
  • Meet the coroners’ service and police force so that excessive details of suicide methods don’t get reported after inquests and police briefings
  • Lobby in Northern Ireland to make sure standards of reporting suicide and self harm are improved and included in the post-Leveson Press Complaints Commission (PCC) code
  • Raise awareness in remote areas of Scotland where there are no branches
  • Meet demand for our services in Wales and set up the first ever Cymru Board
  • Work with Government in England towards the new Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Deliver a multi-agency, cross-sector annual conference on suicide prevention
  • Research the relationship between suicide and the online environment
  • Review the different ways in which people struggling to cope contact us
  • Involve willing callers in our research to better understand the nature of our calls
  • Start a project to attract volunteers from younger and more diverse backgrounds
  • Develop training and a volunteer recognition scheme


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