Without Samaritans, I wouldn’t be here today.

Nine years ago, suffering with depression and other mental health problems, 57 year-old Martin Hubbard tried to take his own life.


Struggling to cope

“I was married with a beautiful daughter and had a thriving career. I enjoyed my family life, work and had many interests, but then it all started to go wrong.

“A mixture of overwork and stress, led to a major breakdown and my eventual diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.

Someone to listen

“It was then that I discovered Samaritans. They were there for me in my darkest moments, when I was consumed with a sense of loneliness and hopelessness. I called them often when I was at my lowest, trying to work things through.

“Samaritans are always there and, most importantly not just when it’s convenient for them. I found a little more strength and perspective each time I called them.

“If it hadn’t been for them, I most certainly wouldn’t be here today to tell you my story.

Ongoing battle

“When I was getting a lot of support from family, friends and Samaritans, I began to think about the future again. I decided to set-up my own architectural practice, thinking it would be less stressful than working for a large organisation.

 “With hindsight this was not a sensible move for a man still in a fragile state. My workload grew and I found myself back in the same stressed situation.

“This culminated in a second breakdown, pushing me to the point of suicide.

Regaining control

“Very slowly, over years, and thanks to the devoted care of my wife, counselling and Samaritans, I began to recover again. It took more than 12 years for that recovery to take hold.

“I regained control of my own business, which I’m glad to say, is thriving, with a solid and growing client base.

 “Today, I have now progressed to a level of good health I’ve seldom experienced. I will forever be grateful to Samaritans. It’s a real comfort to know that there will always be someone I can call, in absolute confidence.

 “I wouldn’t wish anyone to be in the position I was, but if you need a lifeline, Samaritans have an endless supply.”

Give your support today, and help someone see tomorrow

Samaritans were there for Martin through his darkest moments, after he tried to take his own life.

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