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Please use your legal name, as shown on your passport or driving license

Why we need your legal name

To safeguard our volunteers and callers we have to keep accurate records of who our volunteers are, and we use legal names for criminal record checks, where they are required.

Date of birth

Why we need your date of birth

Samaritans Central Office and your branch may use your date of birth to confirm your identity and to process your criminal record check (if needed for your role). Your date of birth should match official documents like your passport or driving licence and may be verified against these.

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Reading our terms and conditions

As a volunteer with us you will get access to systems and information that are sensitive and confidential. To protect you we need you to read and acknowledge our terms and conditions.

The link will open in a new tab. The checkbox to confirm you have read them will become active once you have opened them.

How we'll use your details

We'll use your details to keep in touch about your application, and to manage your involvement with us. We may need to use external organisations to help do this but we'll never let any of them use your details for their benefit.

We have branches across the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, some of which are registered as independent charities. To find out more about how we handle and protect your personal information, see our privacy statement .

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