Trusts and Foundations - supporting Samaritans' work

Trusts and Foundations play an important role in helping us continue our work.

Through your support, we can reach more people who are struggling to cope or experiencing thoughts of suicide before it's too late.

Trusts and Foundations - helping us make a difference

We respond to over 5,000,000 appeals for help annually and our partner Trusts and Foundations play a large part in helping us achieve this.
But our work doesn't stop there.

We also work in partnership with organisations and companies in the community to make a difference to the lives of people UK and ROI.

Some of the ways in which we do this:

Supporting our work

We're here to:

  • Reduce the feelings of distress and crisis that can lead to suicide
  • Increase access to support for people in distress and crisis
  • Reduce the risk of suicide in high risk settings and amongst vulnerable groups
  • Influence governments and other agencies to take action to reduce suicide.

But we need your help...

You can donate to Samaritans by giving an unrestricted grant or by helping to fund our work in your area*.

Individuals may choose other charities over Samaritans as there is still stigma attached to suicide and mental health. That's why Trusts and Foundations can really make a difference.

Please consider donating to Samaritans at your next trustee meeting.

* Samaritans has 201 branches, across 13 regions of the UK and ROI