Why Sing?

Singing is good for you and it's also a great way to raise money for us too. All the money you raise at your Sing event will support your local Samaritans branch so we can be there for people when it matters. People are often surprised to hear that their local Samaritans is run entirely by trained volunteers, who give their time to help anyone struggling to cope. So support us and sign up to Sing for Samaritans!

Why should I sing for Samaritans - what is it?

Your donations keep us open

Every single day, around 16 people decide to end their own life across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We know our service can help people before it's too late. In the next hour, we will respond to over 600 calls from people struggling to cope. Your donation will help us be there to answer every call, whenever we receive it.


When I had no-one to turn to, Samaritans answered my call for help


If I hadn’t called Samaritans, I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. I have my life to thank them for.


I like being there for people who are in distress, for people who are lonely, and for people who don’t have anyone else in their lives they can bounce ideas off.

Gillian, Samaritans volunteer