Looking for fundraising inspiration?

Want to do something for Samaritans but not sure what? Here are our top three fundraising ideas:

Idea 1: Comfy clothes day

Everyone likes comfy clothes, and it’s a real treat to get to wear your favourite t-shirt to work or a pair of jeans to school. You could arrange a day for everyone in your school or work place to donate to be allowed to wear what they want for the day.

Idea 2: Quiz night

Test your friends, family and local community with a quiz night. You could approach a local pub or community hall for a venue, create your own questions, and invite the local community along for a fun night testing their knowledge. Everyone donates to enter, and the winning team gets a prize. And to make it that bit special, why not theme it around something you’re passionate about – movies, books, sport or iconic TV shows are all great quiz night themes. If you decide to host a quiz night use the form below to let us know about your quiz and we’ll send you our quiz night posters.

Idea 3: Bake sale

Great for Bake Off fans, your bake sale could be at work, school, in the local community or just an afternoon with friends and something delicious. Ask people to donate cakes and biscuits (shop bought or home-made) and request a donation per slice, or for smaller events make a one-off donation for an all-you-can-eat style party. Let us know about your bake sale and we’ll send you Samaritans cake labels to use.


Want more inspiration? For more help and advice, get in touch with our Community and Events Team via community&events@samaritans.org.

And once you’ve decided what your fundraiser is going to be, let us know using this form.