Never Ever Give Up

Olympic champion boxer Audley Harrison MBE has released a single called Never Ever Give UP  in support of Samaritans.

Audley's aims

The song’s title refers to Audley’s determination, both in his boxing career and his personal life, to overcome adversity. Through Samaritans, he wants to promote the value of talking about your problems, listening to others, and developing emotional resilience. He hopes his track will help to raise awareness of our services and encourage the widest possible support for what we do.

Audley has been a powerful supporter of Samaritans, throwing his weight behind our Talk to Us and We Listen campaigns, and we look forward to working with him as a Samaritans Ambassador.

Buy the single

Never Ever Give Up is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. You can buy the track from iTunes for just 99p, and profits from the track will go towards supporting Samaritans' work. Help make history and get the single in the Official Charts! 

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Behind the scenes

Talking to us, Audley said: "As a boxer, I reached the heights, winning Olympic Gold at Sydney in 2000.  But, I’ve also seen the lows, and understand what it’s like to lose someone you care about to suicide. So, I am really pleased to have the opportunity to work with Samaritans and help to get its message out there. 

"I think a lot of people, men especially, don’t like to talk about their problems, and they bottle it up, and it overwhelms them, and they can start thinking about suicide. But if you can interrupt that journey - and you can do that just by listening - then you can give them the chance to make different choices, to tell a different story.

Everybody has moments in their life when they feel overwhelmed, when they’re feeling really stressed, and I think having somebody that you can call, outside of family and friends, is very important.  Have no shame in your game to pick up the phone. That’s my message in supporting Samaritans – more people need to realise they’re not alone.  If you’re struggling, you can call Samaritans.

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