Samaritans' Christmas Raffle

Samaritans Christmas Raffle 2018 is now open, and you could win £5,000 before Christmas!

What would you do with £5,000?

It’s not just our main prize of £5,000 that is up for grabs – there are another 12 prizes to be won!

Here’s what our 2017 winner said when she found out she had won:

It was a total surprise! The only thing I’ve ever won in the past was a turkey dinner! We suddenly lost our loved Golden Retriever just before winning, so months later we sent some of the money on our new Retriever, Isla Sam (a small tribute to my winnings). It goes to show if I can win, anyone can!  

Each ticket costs just £1

Closing date 3 December 2018

Draw date 18 December 2018