Tweetchat: Supporting People Online Struggling to Cope


Samaritans is holding its first ever Tweetchat on Wednesday 29 October at 1pm. The topic is 'Supporting People Online Struggling to Cope' and we will be discussing the online environment, safety within it and the various ways of supporting people online who are going through a difficult time. The hashtag for this event is #SamaritansRadar.

What is a Tweetchat?

Tweetchats, sometimes known as Twitter chats or Twitter parties take place when a group of people join a discussion about the same topic on Twitter using a specific hashtag #. This allows the conversation to be followed online.


Wednesday, 1-2pm, 29 October 2014

Getting started

You will need a Twitter account to join the chat. If you'd don't already have one, you can sign up here. You can view the chat on, through the Twitter app, or through social media management tools, such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

Type in #SamaritansRadar in the search bar.

You will see a list of every tweet that uses the hashtag, with the most recent tweets at the top.

At the Tweetchat

Our Tweetchat will last an hour and Samaritans will start by introducing our guest speakers and providing an overview of the discussion.

You can participate in the discussion by asking questions and sharing ideas. To do this, tweet your question or comments during the Tweetchat using the twitter handle @samaritans and hashtag #SamaritansRadar.

You can also submit questions to us before the event by emailing:

We will try to answer everyone’s questions during the time, but this may not be possible. If we, or one of our experts, is unable to respond to your question during the Tweetchat, we will do our best to respond afterwards.

Remember: always include the hashtag # so that everyone in the conversation can read your tweet.

Things to remember

  • Always stay on topic
  • Don’t use #SamaritansRadar unless your tweet is related to our Tweetchat topic
  • If you respond to someone in the Tweetchat or ask a question, always use #SamaritansRadar so that everyone can be involved in the conversation
  • You can share tweets from within the discussion with your network by retweeting comments
  • Let your followers know you’ll be participating in Samaritans’ Tweetchat so they can join the discussion!
  • Please don’t use our Tweetchat to promote your own products or services
  • Please be sensitive and courteous to others whilst participating in Samaritans’ Tweetchat. Remember that your comments are being published on a public domain and will be accessible by anyone online

After the Tweetchat

After the event, we will be publishing the transcript of our Tweetchat on Samaritans’ website and sharing details via Facebook and Twitter, for those who are unable to attend.