See the person, not the exam result

Young people getting their exam results this week must not be put under unacceptable pressure, says Samaritans Scotland.

With students receiving their results on Tuesday, it is a crucial time to emphasise that emotional wellbeing is more important than grades.

Keeping results in perspective can help young people to recover if they are disappointed in the grades they get, or do not get a place on the course or career path they wanted.

Making sure anyone who is anxious knows that they can help themselves by talking to someone, and planning strategies to deal with their worries, should be a priority.

It is also helpful for young people to think about how they can relax so they are able to take a break from thinking about their results.

James Jopling, Executive Director for Samaritans in Scotland, said: "Getting exam results can be really stressful. We hope you're pleased with them, however if you're not then remember that results do not define who you are, or show all you can achieve.

There are other opportunities and chances, including studying again if that's what you want to do. You may want to take time to think and that's okay. It also helps to share your thoughts with others so do talk to friends, teachers and parents. You will be okay. And Samaritans is always here."

Anyone can contact Samaritans for free on 116 123 or email


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