Samaritans Radar Update

Catherine Johnstone, Chief Executive at Samaritans, said: “Following the suspension of Samaritans Radar*, we can now confirm that the app has been closed permanently.

“The decision was made following concerns raised by Twitter users at the time of launch, regarding data protection and privacy issues.  Samaritans is an organisation which is built on our ability to listen and we take all feedback, both positive and challenging, very seriously.  We have ensured that any data associated with the app has been deleted and we have responded to all individual requests for information that we received. We want to thank everyone who provided us with feedback, including those who completed the survey which is now closed.

“We know that people often go online looking for support, as well as using it as an outlet to share their feelings.  This presents both new opportunities and challenges in reaching out to those individuals, and Samaritans remains firmly committed to providing the very best service for anyone who may need our support, whether on or offline.  We recognise that Samaritans Radar was not the right online tool to do this, but using what we have learnt and the feedback from the survey, we plan to develop and test new ways of supporting people online.”

*an online app designed to offer people a second chance to see a tweet from someone they know who might be struggling to cope