Guidance issued by the National Advisory Group to Regional Fora on local suicide and self-harm prevention planning in Wales

This guidance has been produced by the National Advisory Group to Welsh Government on Suicide and Self harm Prevention and aims to help all areas in Wales develop their local prevention strategy.

Section 5 pages 14-20 [Developing a local suicide prevention strategy] outlines how to do this and what Welsh Government, Health boards, Local Mental Health Partnership Boards and Regional partnership boards would expect to be contained within the plan. At Section 6 [Ideas for action] there is an ideas for action section to help inform local plans to better meet local needs.

There are three main indicators of active local suicide and self-harm prevention activity in Wales:

  1. Developing a suicide prevention strategy and/or action plan that is based on the national strategy ‘Talk to Me 2’ and local data, which sets out specific actions that will be taken to reduce suicide risk in the local community
  2. Participating in Regional Forums (North Wales, NW; South East Wales, SEW; South West Wales, SWW) and involving all key statutory agencies and voluntary organisations whose support is required to effectively implement the plan throughout the local community
  3. Completing a suicide audit by collecting data about local suicides from sources such as coroners and health records, to build an understanding of local factors including high-risk demographic groups where resources allow. 

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