East Midlands Trains run exclusive fundraising event for Samaritans

On the 14 June, the first High Speed train to travel from Sheffield to Dorset, is set to take 400 passengers on an exclusive fundraising event for Samaritans.

We’re delighted that Network Rail and Swanage Railway have agreed to waive all track access charges and the train will be staffed with volunteers from East Midlands Trains who will donate their day's wages to Samaritans.

Passengers will include employees, guests and key members of Network Rail, East Midlands Trains, South West Trains, Samaritans Project Team and Swanage Railway.

A number of Samaritans volunteers have also been invited to attend, as a thank you for all the support they’ve given to station staff in East Midlands.

Direct Rail Services will be taking part by providing route conducting services to the train for the cost of a bacon sandwich!

East Midlands Trains Managing Director, David Horne, will be on hand to welcome guests on the journey.

What we do is a fraction of what Samaritans achieve, and we consider it a perk of the job to be involved with and associated with you all.

Darren Ward, Head of Operations Strategy.
East Midlands Trains

Silent auction - all funds donated to Samaritans

The 'Swanage Samaritan' headboard, above, on the front of the train will be sold in a silent auction. Proceeds will go to Samaritans.

Bids take for: One of its kind, pristine Swanage Samaritan train headboard, proudly displayed on the 125 train on its journey from Sheffield to Dorset.
Why it's significant: In recognition of the first High Speed train to operate on this route.
Bids in excess of: £300
How to bid: Send your name, telephone number and bid amount to darren.ward@eastmidlandstrains.co.uk
Closing date: The auction is now open and will close at midnight on 14 June.

More information is available from Lucia Capobianco: l.capobianco@samaritans.org