Celebrity support for Phone Free Friday

Stephen Fry


“Soon, many of us will be Phone Free for the day. Some of you might be breathing a huge sigh of relief at the prospect of this, others may be sent into a frenzied panic at the thought of detaching yourself from your most treasured piece of technology.

"It will certainly be a challenge for everyone to go without their phones for the day, but we can still talk to each other, why not have a good old fashioned face to face conversation over a cuppa?

"Samaritans is an incredibly worthy cause, and your participation in Phone Free Friday will help them to answer more lifesaving calls.

"If you’ve not already signed up, please do it now.”


Sian Lloyd

“Phone Free Friday is definitely going to be a challenge. I use my phone for everything, even (ironically) to check my weather-site, tvweathergirl.com!  

"It’ll be hard to give all that up for the day, but it’s worth it to support such a  worthy cause. On 20 June, I’ll be turning my phone off so Samaritans can keep their phones on.

"With your help, Samaritans can answer more lifesaving calls.”


Emma Jesson does an exclusive weather report for Phone Free Friday


Lauren Goodger

“We’ve all had our shares of ups and downs and Samaritans offers people a place to turn when things get too much.

"I hope everyone up and down the country will take part in Phone Free Friday.

"It will be a tough challenge to go without my phone for a whole day, but one that really will make a live saving difference.”