SHUSH listening tip 1: Show you care

Focus on the other person, make eye contact, put away your phone.

Show you care

Life can be extremely busy and in this age of constant digital connectivity, multi-tasking has become the norm. Samaritans says that to really listen to somebody, you need to give them your full attention, maintain eye contact and be engaged.

Getting into this habit takes practice so don’t be too hard on yourself and keep using these handy tips:

  • When starting the conversation resolve not to talk about yourself at all.
  • Keep a listening diary - just for a week. Record how many times you listened really well, note what challenges and distracts you and what you think went well.
  • Aim to learn at least one new thing about the person who is talking to you.

Giving someone your undivided attention is a non-verbal way of showing them how much you care. It has an amazing effect. I try to remove anything from my line of sight that could distract me and I really focus on learning something new about the person who is talking to keep me engaged.

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Show you care - the first of Samaritans' listening tips