Course: Building resilience and wellbeing

This course is designed to provide people with self-awareness and skills to strengthen their personal resilience. Using practical techniques, we aim to develop staff confidence so that they can deal with emotionally challenging situations.

What are your strengths?

This may seem a very easy question to ask, but for most of us it can be a difficult one to answer.  We help delegates discover their signature strengths, by asking them to complete:

  • At My Best strength cards exercise
  • A Resilience quota test


This course will facilitate delegates' understanding of the key ways to develop resilience and how to put the jigsaw together.  In addition to an experienced trainer, delegates' learning will be supported by:

  • Videos to encourage their understanding of various concepts.
  • Various group activities including Mindfulness
  • Workbook exercises, including reference information for additional reading. 

Every single person walked away with a greater understanding of themselves, allowing them to recognise their strengths and use them to change the way they see things. 

This will build their emotional resilience and other coping mechanisms. A magnificent course. Grace Ayemoba L&Q Group

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to be more resilient in the way that they deal with challenges that arise in life and anyone who would like to cope better with difficult situations.

Course objectives:

At the end of the day delegates will be able to;

  • Explore the connection between emotional health and resilience, and consider why we need resilience.

  • Assess their resilience traits.

  • Recognise the indicators of stress and identify sources of support.

  • Introduce the Keys to Resilience – the knowledge, behaviours and skills which can enhance our resilience.

  • Identify practical steps we can take to build resilience.

  • Build a personalised action plan.

Several staff came to see me this morning to thank me for organising the training. One lady said that it was the most significant course that she'd been on in her life.

Useful course information:

  • Our courses are delivered at your venue nationwide 
  • We can accommodate up to 20 delegates
  • Our standard programmes are one-day courses (10am – 4pm)

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