Course: Managing situations with vulnerable people

This course is designed for the Security and Facilities Management industry.

Based on research with Security, Customer Service and Maintenance staff, we have created a course which supports people who deal with vulnerable people face to face within a public setting. 

Some of our key findings from the research:

  • Staff face a wide range of challenging situations on a regular basis, beyond what would be considered a normal/average day at work.
  • Communicating with very vulnerable people is an everyday occurrence and getting worse.
  • The breadth and extent of vulnerability can be overwhelming.
  • Whilst staff manage what they are faced with, they recognise they would feel better equipped with more knowledge, skills, support and coping strategies.

This course ensures delegates learn 4 key communication methods that can be used in a variety of situations when dealing with vulnerable people in a variety of public settings and on a one-to-one basis.

Learning objectives

  • Identifying vulnerable people and situations
  • Measuring personal confidence
  • Practicing a range of communication techniques that can help to manage vulnerable people and situations
  • Evaluating emotional health and how to respond with empathy
  • Examining a variety of situations with vulnerable people and consider how to manage them
  • Recognising the impact on all involved with vulnerable people
  • Signposting people to Samaritans for additional support.

The course has tested within the industry and will be available in September 2017.  If you would like to know more about this course please email: or tel: 020 8394 8349. 

Some quotes from staff within this sector:

There is a massive stigma about asking for help amongst us guys. You have just put someone in an ambulance who has died from suicide and then you have to go and deal with someone who is complaining because they have been charged 20p extra for their parking, no chance to switch off.