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Samaritans DEAL scheme feedback

Feedback on DEAL

Shimna Integrated College, Northern Ireland - Delivering DEAL to 14-15  year olds

I have the opportunity to deliver a 12-hour Personal Development course to students aged 14-15, with curriculum statements directly linked to managing emotional health.

"These lesson plans approach subjects that are difficult to talk about, but for that very reason really need to be talked about. They are well structured with lots of detailed instruction for the teachers

Clare McFadden, Head of Personal Development

I think it is an excellent programme that addresses pertinent issues in an honest, direct way. I teach personal development, but am also a fully qualified counsellor, and it's my counsellor hat that really appreciates a resource like this being made available.

DEAL had more than enough resources relevant to the age group I work with. The hardest part was deciding what to leave out as I didn’t have the time to teach the whole course.

How did you use Samaritans DEAL programme?
I teach it twice a year. I did an evaluation that received positive results. I have also used Samaritans adverts in assemblies to encourage people to come to school counselling.

What the young people said…

  • ‘I learnt how to listen’
  • ‘I found talking about suicide, self-harm, aggression etc helpful and I found hearing other peoples’ opinions on the different topics interesting’
  • ‘I found it helpful understanding ways of dealing with problems’
  • ‘I found it most helpful understanding depression’
  • ‘I found that talking about suicidal problems has helped me to understand why people do it’
  • ‘I found out that talking about a topic is better than bottling it up’
  • ‘It helps with perspective and getting the facts straight’
  • ‘I found learning about what to say to people who are depressed was helpful’.


Eastbury Comprehensive (Barking) - Delivering DEAL to 15  year olds

DEAL is an excellent course for PSHE that enables students to better understand themselves and their emotions. The course encourages students to reflect on their own and others emotions. With a ever greater focus in PSHE on emotional literacy this course makes it easy to deliver

Mark Semmens Head of Personal, Social and Health Development

What made you decide to work on emotional health issues with your students?

The students I work with often have low emotional intelligence and need help to understand how to manage their emotions.  This manifests itself in overly aggressive confrontational behaviour and can make it difficult to teach the students.

How was it beneficial to your students?

The students interacted with each other in a more mature way during the lessons. They were encouraged to share with others and the lessons have resulted in students offering more of their own insights and ideas in the following lessons.  It also gave us a jumping off point to discuss anger in society and how to deal with aggressive people.


Nottingham Local Authority using DEAL - Training School Nurses in DEAL

Nottingham Local authority includes DEAL as part of its training for School Nurses on emotional health and wellbeing.

What the School Nurses said…

  • "DEAL is such an informative resource as it helps raise some very important issues”
  • "I found the introduction to DEAL on our staff training about Emotional Health and Wellbeing in schools really useful. It looks a very helpful resource"
  • "I like the combination of animation, young people's views and lesson plans"