Emotional Health 

This theme explores what we mean by emotional health.

The sessions enable students to consider the range of factors that can affect our emotional health and how to recognise signs of poor emotional health in ourselves and others.


Theme outcomes:

  • increased understanding about emotional health

  • an understanding of the importance of emotional health and the factors that can affect it.





What is emotional health?

1 hour

  • To understand what emotional health means.
  • To understand how emotional health and physical health are linked.

Ups and downs of the day

1 hour

  • To understand that emotional health can and does vary over time.
  • To know that everyone is different and that feelings are normal and ok.
  • To recognise that everyone has emotional health.

Understanding emotional health

20 mins

  • To understand what emotional health is.
  • How we recognise emotional health in ourselves and others.

Rate a celebrity

20 mins

  • What affects our emotional health?
  • To understand that everyone has ups and downs.
  • That feelings are normal.

Knowing when to get support

20 mins

  • To recognise when feelings become difficult to cope with.
  • To know what you can do to help yourself and others.

Assessment activity

20 mins

  • To summarise learning about emotional health


Digital Resources

You can find all our free web resources relating to emotional health sessions here.