DEAL Video Archive

About emotional health - Developing Emotional Awareness and Learning

This 5 minute animation introduces students to emotional health and wellbeing and some of the skills they will learn in the DEAL programme. Teachers should use this as part of an assembly or in an emotional health awareness lesson.

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Introduction to DEAL - Developing Emotional Awareness and Learning

This film shows teachers and students talking about the DEAL programme and their experience of how it fits with teaching and learning. Teachers should use this to introduce staff to the programme.

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Dealing with it - what happens when the pressure becomes too much?

This 15 minutes film has young people talking about emotionally challenging experiences in their lives, stigma and discrimination they faced and the strategies they adopted to cope. Teachers can this as part of a conference half-day to generate discussion amongst students about ways of coping and sources of support about bullying, self harm, depression or suicide.

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Good listening

In this 3 minute audio recording you'll hear two young people having an everyday conversation. Takes 1 and 2 show ineffective listening skills resulting in a shut down of conversation. Take 3 is an example of good listening.

These exercises are used in the DEAL (Developing Emotional Health and Learning) 'Communication and Listening Skills' lesson, asking students to pick out the mistakes and suggest what the speaker could have said.

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Communication skills in action: emotional support in action

This 10 minute film shows how Samaritans' volunteers put communication and listening skills into practice in emotionally challenging situations.

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