Samaritans Dealing with Feelings Quiz

20 minutes

Create a safe and positive learning environment by agreeing ground rules for the session.

Download the session Samaritans dealing with feelings Quiz

In this session we will learn:



  • Samaritans’ quiz slides or handouts (Link to PDFs as on the current website)



Quiz about Samaritans: ask questions and ask students to answer in pairs.


Share answers and discuss:

1. Do students know what Samaritans is and what they do?

2. What sort of problems do people call Samaritans with?

3. Why do you think Samaritans offers this service to everyone?

4. Why might someone choose to ring Samaritans rather than talk to a teacher?

5. How do you think calling Samaritans would help?

Make sure students understand that there are a range of services and Samaritans is one of these, offering space to talk for anyone. Use the information sheet for further information.



If I needed help the first step for me to take would be…

Make sure young people know what support is available and how to access this support.