Dealing with Feelings

Dealing with Feelings contains sessions exploring how we all feel differently about things that happen in our lives.

These sessions enable students to explore some difficult feelings and consider how to recognise when they need support. The sessions cover topics such as self-harm and coping when feelings become too difficult. The focus of this theme is how to support others and how to access support for yourself.

Theme outcomes:

  • Understand that everyone experiences problems from time to time.
  • Recognise that no problem is too big or small to deal with.
  • Raise awareness about and knowledge of the importance of positive emotional health.
  • Understand that the way we think about challenging situations affects the way we feel and ultimately how we behave.
  • Recognise that resilience is about working through challenging times.
  • Be able to explore feelings and develop self-awareness.





Let it out

1 hour

  • To consider the benefits and risks of expressing feelings.
  • To be able to express feelings in different ways using written language.


1 hour

  • To understand that aggression and frustration are linked.
  • To understand some causes of frustration.
  • To be able to recognise their own feelings and respond to them appropriately.

Talking about depression

2 x 1 hour

  • To be able to recognise some symptoms of depression.
  • Some facts about depression.
  • To challenge the stigma around depression.
  • To consider that everyone is different and reacts differently to situations.

Self-harm myths and facts

1 hour

  • To understand some of the facts about self-harming behaviour.
  • To be able to recognise self-harming behaviour in themselves and others.
  • To recognise the need to ask for help when needed.

Finding a way forward

1 hour

  • To understand that talking about feelings can help no matter how low you feel.
  • To understand that there is always hope.
  • To know where to get support if needed.
  • To understand how to support a friend.

Expressing feelings

20 mins

  • To recognise that feelings are individual and unique.
  • To understand that some feelings are harder to cope with than others.
  • To know that talking about feelings can help.
  • To consider how expressing how you are feeling can help to manage or cope with those feelings.

What is depression?

20 mins

  • To recognise when we need to ask for support.
  • To recognise when others need support.
  • To understand what depression means.

Samaritans quiz

20 mins

  • To consider why someone might choose to call Samaritans.
  • To know how to access help if needed.

Digital Resources

Free digital resources to complement the dealing with feelings sessions can be found here.