Community guidelines

When posting a comment on, please take note of our community guidelines to help keep the discussions on the site engaging and safe for anyone to participate in.

When a comment is posted, the site will display a message saying that your comment is queued for approval. At that stage, it’s reviewed by one of our team and if it fits with the community guidelines, it is published and people will be able to see it and reply to it on the site.

Please note that because comments made on the site are moderated by our office staff,  we may not always be able to respond outside of office hours.

Please do: 

Please don't:

  • Tell other commenters what to do
  • Attack or harass other users
  • Share any personal contact details
  • Use swearing or offensive language in your comments
  • Post anything that is off-topic
  • Post in graphic detail about self-harm, suicide plans or methods. It’s okay to talk about your experiences but please be careful about other people’s potential triggers. If you’re struggling to cope and need someone to talk, please contact us
  • Promote your own or other commercial services

Samaritans will: 

  • Respect your confidentiality. You don’t need to provide any identifying information to post a comment here
  • Review comments before they’re published on
  • Not publish comments that break these community guidelines
  • Respond to feedback where possible

Samaritans won’t:

  • Always be able to respond to reports or messages outside of office hours (9am-5pm on weekdays). 
  • Be able to respond to all comments individually