Course: Building resilience and wellbeing

Three out of five employees have experienced emotional health issues due to work. This course is aimed at organisations which are committed to promoting emotional health and resilience in the workplace, to improve staff wellbeing and productivity.

Course objectives:

  • Explore the connection between emotional health and resilience, and consider why we need resilience
  • Assess our own resilience traits
  • Recognise the indicators of stress and identify sources of support
  • Introduce the keys to resilience – the knowledge, behaviours and skills which can enhance our resilience
  • Identify practical steps we can take to build resilience
  • Build a personalised action plan

Every single person walked away with a greater understanding of themselves, allowing them to recognise their strengths and use them to change the way they see things. This will build their emotional resilience. A magnificent course.
Grace Ayemoba, L&Q Group