Wellbeing in the City - Anastasia's story

Anastasia's organisation signed up for Wellbeing in the City so that staff could complete the mental health training in and around their work schedules.

"With over 4000 colleagues working across the breadth of the Bank’s roles and activities, wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds. In particular however, the creation of the Mental Health Network (MHN) five years ago prompted more discussion and debate around how best to support colleagues in the mental wellbeing space.

“Collaborating with Human Resources, the MHN works to ensure that we constantly strive forward, assessing and re-assessing the provision on wellbeing to ensure that we can decrease stigma around mental health conditions, and offer our peers the support they need.

 “As well as having signed the Time to Change Organisational Pledge in 2013, the Bank has engaged with the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Green Ribbon Campaign for a number of years, during which we have seen demand for green ribbons grow significantly – colleagues are showing their support for ending stigma around mental health more and more each year.

“Despite having introduced numerous in-house training courses on mental health within the Bank, sometimes for busy colleagues in fast paced roles it can be daunting to take a lot of time out of their day to complete it. Wellbeing in the City offers the opportunity to introduce a tool that is flexible - the concise and modular nature will mean that each colleague can find a suitable time to complete the training at a pace that works for them. The Bank practices flexible working, so it seems a great fit to introduce a tool which compliments that so well.

“The Bank of England was keen to take part in Wellbeing in the City because it builds upon the strong foundation we have developed on providing a supportive and understanding workplace where colleagues can bring their whole selves to work. The tool will hopefully encourage discussion, and improve understanding on how to talk about mental health.

“We will be formally launching Wellbeing in the City at the Bank of England on the 17th May 2018 during the Mental Health Network’s bi-annual open meeting, which falls within Mental Health Awareness Week. We hope that during a time where particular focus is drawn on the importance of ending stigma around mental health, the roll out of the tool will be poignant.

“Having seen Wellbeing in the City already, I am personally very excited to see it be introduced to the Bank – it is easy to use, sleek and powerful – a wonderful combination for a an important learning tool which I can envisage making an impact on colleagues around us.”

Adam Spreadbury, Senior Manager, Bank of England, said: “I found this online training so valuable. It gives you the confidence to talk with a colleague who say they are Ok when they aren’t. It helps by giving practical tips about listening and giving support compassionately, without feeling the need to solve their problems.”

Sign up for Wellbeing in the City free now using the token code: samaritans2018